Baking day in Fife!

I love baking bread but I never learnt systematically. So, how about a proper workshop?

Thanks to the lovely people of the Real Bread Campaign (check them out, they’re amazing! I got to know about Bread in Fife, a fantastic family enterprise led by Colin Lindsay, in Freuchie, Fife.

In his lovely kitchen we gathered, 4 of us (Dugald and his lady Janet and Derek and myself) and were led into the discovery of baking by fantastic teacher Colin… it was an eye opener! It is so clear now how things actually “happen” in the proving and the actual baking… clear now that Colin told us, yet it makes so much sense.  We spent the morning looking at yeast and sponge starters and we also made some oatcakes (I will never buy them again, they’re that easy!!)… for lunch we had some salad and cheese with the pitta bread we ourselves made, how nice! And then we filled the afternoon with wholemeal loaves and kneading, proving and baking rolls.

Baking bread is one of the more “human” things, so easy and satisfying, yet so engaging. I would recommend it for anyone. It just is something that nourishes you even before you eat!  If you are in Scotland or fancy a trip to the Kingdom of Fife, think about a class with Colin. He is a truly amazing man, a really kind and compassionate teacher and the day was truly hands on and constructive. Find out more at The course I did is Bread Essentials… and I am going to sign up, I think, for another one soon, this time on French and Italian breads!


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