…it is a long time in academia–just as in Politics…

A week, that is!


Another week has almost gone and for us in Scotland the nights are significantly drawing in.  This means that as for this week I have become unable to make any after-work visits to my shared garden… 😦 no chat with my lady Cornelia and my meowing friend Charlie til the weekend!

Work has kept me busy–thankfully I had been organised at the weekend, making extra portions and freezing them for dinner!

Monday night saw me heating up some miso broth and using it to finish cooking some aubergine and mushroom stir fry with tofu! This is just easy–wash, finely chop and blanch a mix (to your liking) of white and red cabbage, carrots and zucchini, add some blanched  broccoli florets (these veg can be frozen after blanching and taken out and thrown in the wok without defrosting when needed) and tip in a bowl. Cover with 2 tbsp soy sauce mixed with the juice of half lime or lemon and 1/2tsp dried ginger.  Meanwhile heat some panch pooran (Indian 5 spice, available in Asian shops) on the bottom of a non stick wok til the seeds start to sizzle, then add 1/2 cup of boiled water in which you’ll have mixed 1 tsp miso paste (I use genmai but there are various types out there!) and some cubed tofu. Stir fry for 2/3 minutes then add the veggies with their marinade; stir fry for another 7/8 minutes, adding some extra time if the mix is still a bit watery and serve.

On Tuesday night I eventually finished the big pumpkin that had been lurking in the my fridge for a few days… 🙂 proper Halloween fare? No… I made curry with it, in a “throw everything in” fashion… seriously, curry is good and warming and a fantastic way of cooking any leftover veg you may have.  I added some cauliflower florets, the remainder of the white cabbage (from Monday), a can of plum tomatoes and some curry leaves… it was good!

After a rather “biblical” (so my friend Alessandra, contributor extraordinaire to this blog, said! :D) dinner of lentil and cereal soup last night, I am going out for dinner after a work do… the location will be a well-known, rather good establishment in Edinburgh New Town… who knows what will be on offer?

OK, 20min lunch break (from 2:50pm, not good) over…

but look forward to my next post on making Roman recipes for my hubby… 🙂


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