Lunch with the experts… and a good chat!

Tuesday 18 February–a rather grey and wet day but one I’d been looking forward to as I eventually managed to have lunch with a celebrity friend of mine… you know, us Total Food Geeks in Edinburgh–we’re really a creative bunch and some of us are truly amazing!  So, 1:15 pm saw me meeting up with my friend Blythe… yes, the man behind the fantastic website Lunchquest.  If you are in Edinburgh and need a steer to a place for lunch or dinner, look no further, it is a really amazing resource. 

We had arranged to visit Beirut, on Nicholson Street… after its makeover I was looking forward to this visit… however, its opening hours at lunchtime have been erratic… hence we retreated to the Olive Tree Bistrot, on Marshall Street, just across the way.  The place was quiet and the service good and attentive–it was especially nice to see the manager and one of his pal enjoying a Greek coffee–enough to set my tastebuds going! Blythe had a bowl of soup followed by borek–in true questing style! 🙂 I enjoyed a mixed salad which was great–olives, red cabbage, tomatoes and lettuce accompanied by a warm pitta, what can a girl ask for more than this??

The meal was good; the Olive Tree is a place that deserves being patronised as the food is fresh and hearty and the service attentive and kind… but more to the point, it was the conversation that made the difference: I had not seen Blythe for ages, so it was great to catch up and hatch plans for the next few months’ activities of TFGE! I think that we may have a chutney event soon–cue to me suggesting that we may invite a pal who’s chutney and jam queen (please Lucy, let’s organise another outing to Scotland soon!:D), look up ‘grab your spoon’ and you’ll find out more about her!–and well, we’ll see for the rest.

Now, I raise a mental toast to my pal Blythe–thanks again for the chat and please let’s not wait so long for a replica! 🙂


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