Easter time in Rome!

Once again, here goes… Apologies for the massive silence… Work has taken the better off me in the past few weeks and this is the first day that is clear enough for me to exhale… And blog!
Easter preparations are afoot, including in the kitchen and in the kitchen garden! Last Saturday we had a fab day in the country. The kitchen garden was in bloom with peas, broad beans and green with lettuce leaves… We’re also expecting plums and pears which is great! Potatoes are main crop, so no shoots yet but time is on our side!
Then, it was cake time! My Great Nan used to bake it, one for every child… And the recipe got to me via one of my Dad’s darling cousins who’s no longer with us, sadly… Gabriella, much missed. It is a lovely cake really, made from sourdough base with fine wheat flour, aniseed and cinnamon and nutmeg. Not savoury or sweet, just ideal for Easter breakfast, typical of my home town… We have hard boiled eggs, a special type of salami called corallina, a slice of cake and some Colomba (I don’t bake this, but plan on experimenting for next year… It is very similar to the panettone we have at Christmas, only different in shape! :D)… And also a glass of light white wine!
It takes a while to bake the cake, as it needs proving twice outside the oven and once inside, but hey… It has already been tasted by the great supreme judge, namely my Dad, 🙂 who approved it, so we are alright! today I am planning on baking another one and a small one with cheese… This is a recipe from Umbria, so I shall do some research! In the meantime, have a peep at the pics I had posted on twitter, documenting the cake baking process!


And now, it bein quarter to 1… Time to go check asparagus in the steamer!