End to radio silence… Again!

Yes, I know, I know… I had made a promise to myself to be more regular in the posts, but this time, well, it was the coming back home that hindered me in my resolve! Easter seems like a long time ago, alady, yet we’re still in Eastertide! edinburgh is in bloom… And so is the shared garden. My lady Cornelia and I shared the first chard and it was delicious… We are now watching carefully the salad leaves and the little gem coming up and looking forward to broad beans and dwarf beans. 🙂
yesterday I also had the chance to catch up with a good friend, i.e. Blythe of the all-knowing Lunchquest website! Faithful to our habit of arranging to meet and go to places that turn out to be closed, we had made an appointment to have breakfast at Patisserie Jacob on the Bridges… But as if by magic, it was closed at 8:45am! Never mind, my trustworthy guys at Aroma Coffee Bar were on hand to pick us up! We had a very good chat, me over coffee and toast (Aroma makes one of the best Americanos in the Old Town, trust me!) and Blythe over a veggie breakfast. It was all good, freshly made and wholesome as usual!
Tomorrow evening is going to be time for a party in the AriGoesAround household! my friend and colleague Smita and her hubby will be coming around for dinner… And the much applauded leek, courgette and tarragon lasagne will be the plat de resistance! Expect pics and the like, people!
But for tonight, well… Hubby has hit the road already so methinks some fish, maybe whiting in kedgeree will do him good!
Have a good evening, all!


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