… and again, here I am… sorry!

Ah, I cannot believe it, I let almost 4 months slip since my last post! Heartfelt apologies… and if I think that I have had so many interesting things to do in the past few months!! 🙂
Just looking back, I have just returned from a lovely holiday in Italy where I spent almost 2 weeks hawking potatoes, digging, picking courgettes and beans and cooking and looking after my family in Italy! I can tell you, potato gnocchi with your own potatoes taste SO much better!
July saw my second book going out on the shelf… and also hubby and I strolling happily in North Berwick for a couple of days! Thank you, staff at the MacDonald Marine Hotel for your hospitality… to Tiger Coast for the fab Indian food–absolutely to Birmingham standards, great stuff folks! :)–and to Zitto for a good Italian inspired meal! North Berwick is great, we definitely plan another break there soon!
Going back to Italy… the glut of courgettes saw me baking courgette bread with my sourdough starter! Easy as pie–just blanch a couple of courgettes, grate or blend them and then knead them in the starter before the first rising… then knead them in the flour and extra yeast. It will take a bit longer in the kneading process but it will be tasty!
Now, I am busily doing new work (on markets and public health, watch this space!)… and organising the Autumn activities of Total Food Geeks Edinburgh! Yes, you heard me right–we’re back! A soft ,launch event will take place at the end of September, hosted by the kind and generous Neil Forbes at Cafe’ St Honore’, to tally broadly with Sourdough September… and we’re making great strides toward the proper launch at Hula in October! Yay!
OK… back to work now, as the cuppa is finished… will be more frequent in my reports… promise one on Sunday, after planting the buddleia and seeding winter seeds in the shared garden!