New month already! Happy days!

As you know, both hubby and I are February babies… hence we were kind of looking forward to getting out of tough-ish January! It is 1 February today, which is nice… the sun is shining and it feels less cold.
My visit tro the garden this morning was good–lots of clearing and pruning got done, which helps the soul. The snowdrops look good and the bulbs have started germinating, which is really promising.
However, before getting to today, I had to go through a couple of tough days… Friday afternoon was spent on the dentist’s chair. My good friend and Italian fellow national Manuela had to do some work on me, nothing serious, but enough to give me a sore cheek and mouth for about 36 hours. Friday night was pretty tough… and I was only too happy once in a while to outsource dinner! Hubby was coming back from London on a work trip, so I thought, ‘how about a surprise?’
Hey presto, some newly made friends (thanks to my TFGE involvement!) were to hand… Tom and Budge from Soul Sushi! This fab sushi firm has its kitchen in my area and kindly supported our endeavour at Restaurant Day. A quick look at their extensive menu, a couple of emails and here we go-sushi dinner for 2, and how good it was! We shared starters–edamame, seaweed salad and for hubby miso soup–and then I enjoyed my mixed veg inside out roll, while for hubby, well… only a California roll did it! 🙂
So, if you are on the look out for takeaway or delivery sushi, head no further than to:
Drop these 2 lovely guys an email and you are sorted!
Yesterday was another quiet day–domestics and gardening dispensed with, I set out to make some soup, just what was required… using parsnips and pumpkin (the former from my trusted supplier Bellfield) and kale from the back garden, we enjoyed a steaming bowl of the stuff.
Those who care to follow my endeavours on twitter will have seen it pre-blending, but in case you haven’t…

This is another eventuous week… will update anon!
Have a good one, all!


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